What Is Provident Insurance?

Provident Insurance

Provident insurance is a financial solution that complements Health Insurance and health insurance to ensure income during a period of illness or disability .
It is an insurance linked to your family and professional life and which guarantees you against the risks of death or Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Temporary Incapacity of Work and Total Permanent Disability.

Specially designed to meet all the needs of foresight, this contract offers guarantees to the card: Death death disability, life annuity, education annuity, daily allowances in case of temporary incapacity for work, daily allowances in case of hospitalization, disability pension, …

The different guarantees possible
The events covered by a provident insurance contract are death and loss of autonomy (total and irreversible).
The provident insurance contracts offer the payment of a principal or annuity as a main guarantee . Some contracts include their offers of collateral such as assistance or legal protection.

Reasons to take out life insurance – provident insurance
The provident insurance makes it possible to protect one’s person against the risks of existence .
Pensions cover “operations aimed at the prevention and coverage of death risks, risks affecting the physical integrity of the person or related to maternity or the risk of incapacity for work or disability or risk unemployment”.
This provident cover is to be distinguished from 3 other types of contracts  : Mutual health contracts, individual accidents, GAV (accident accident guarantee).

Conditions of subscription of a death insurance – foresight
The conditions under which insurance policies are written must enable the insurer to assess as accurately as possible the risk of death or disability for the insured person.
The declarations made by the insured are in most cases accompanied by a declaration of good health or a medical questionnaire (depending on the amount of capital requested or the age of the insured) and sometimes supplemented by a medical examination.

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