What Can Happen If You Avoid A Two-Wheeler Motor Insurance?

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What Can Happen If You Avoid A Two-Wheeler Motor Insurance?

Everyone who purchases a new motorcycle or a similar two-wheeler vehicle understands its importance. Just the thought of getting a scratch on a brand new motorbike makes one cringe. Just imagine what could possibly happen if there is a bigger devastating accident, leading to complete annihilation of one’s vehicle. This is why experts talk about getting an insurance done for any vehicle to protect oneself from such untoward incidents. A more simplified method nowadays is to get an online two wheeler insurance.

According to a recent IRDA stat, above 75% of two-wheeler vehicles present in India are not having an active insurance policy. Who knows what may happen tomorrow, which is why an online two-wheeler insurance can be an unexpected support at times of need. Therefore, getting a new motor insurance scheme or renewing an expired one is necessary. However, let us look in depth to understand what happens when you do not own a two-wheeler motor policy.

If you do not own such a policy, then the following barriers may affect you:

  • Heavy Penalty:

No matter what vehicle you own, without a policy, the court may penalize you heavily. As per an enforced law under the Motor Vehicles Act, any vehicle without a policy may subject to a penalty or up to three months of imprisonment in India.

  • Consumption of Time:

Any policy that you may look forward to reinstate consumes a lot of time in the process. There may be a requirement to fill up the forms to insure your vehicle once again. This may also consume time as the insurance agent may come visit you to inspect the motor vehicle once again. Moreover, the agency reviving your policy may charge you a higher premium for the lapsed scheme or reject your reinstating proposal, in more serious situations.

  • Losing your NCB benefits:

No claim bonus (NCB) is a common and fruitful privilege that insurance companies offer their clients. However, a lapsed policy if not renewed within 90 days does not have an NCB benefit. Moreover, Since NCB is transferrable so if NCB is lapsed you may also not be able to transfer such privileges to a newly purchased vehicle.

  • Legal Responsibilities:

Any capable insurance policy enables you to have multiple benefits such as protecting your vehicle from various hazards. Any cost (due to accidental damages) that occurs after the lapsing of your policy is your own responsibility. You are not compensated with a single penny and would have to pay for any repairs from your own pocket in such cases.  You can only get into a trouble only if there is an injury to the third party and he claiming for it.


Purchasing an online two-wheeler insurance for your old or new vehicle is just like letting yourself breathe freely. Without one, you may feel a burden on your chest thinking about unexpected mishaps while on the road. With a policy in your hand to support in such situations, you will be relieved in the toughest of situations.

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