The cars that can ooze you with their sound

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Some Cars That are Likely to Ooze You With Their Sound

For most car lovers, good car sounds feel like soft music to the soul. When buying one, you should consider its ability to impress you depending on the quality of sound it produces. Some of the most appreciated vehicles in the world have world-class sound systems to match. As well, their exhaust sounds are far more impressive and change the mood of those driving in them. If you are a car fan and have a keen eye for a strong engine sound, then you need to read a lot more and discover some of the models that make the best noises. Before seeking to explore some of these cars, you might want to understand something fascinating about car noises and women’s physiology.

The Psychological Effect of Car Engine Sounds on Women

Sometime back, a group of researchers endeavored on a study that involved forty participants. The partakers in this study were exposed to growling engines of three different lavish cars. In addition, they were also made to listen to recordings from an ordinary vehicle. All the forty individuals listened to soundtracks of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Maserati, and a Volkswagen Polo. Thereafter, they collected a saliva specimen, which would help them measure the levels of testosterone. Basically, testosterone is a hormone that points out arousal on people. Researchers conducting the study strongly believed that some revving engine noises stimulate the effect of an individual’s physiology. From the findings, all the women who listened to Maserati registered a significant rise in secretion of testosterone, while only half of the men did. The results tested almost the same for the various types, where women recorded momentous peaks especially with luxury cars. However, sound from an ordinary car tended to reduce the testosterone levels on those individuals.

Explore Luxury Cars Whose Sounds Will Most Likely Move You to the Core

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06

You need to think about this model as the most hilarious version of a sports car. What amazes many about this monster is that it has a supercharged 6.2-litre V-8. With the right person behind the wheel, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 can even run a subordinate-5-second quarter mile. It can be sold as convertible or even as a sports car, giving its lovers more reasons to go for it. Regardless of the form it takes, Z06 serves formidably with no disappointments. Its specifications include a seating of two, a transmission of 7-Speed M/T, and a displacement on 6.2L. It is estimated to cost MSRP of £92,680, which is worth every feature the car bears.

Alfa Romeo 4C

  • Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C is an equally fantastic model that is available in coupe and spider body styles. Its comeback in the US auto markets is a hugely celebrated success that has seen many car lovers express great amusement. Its concept is a coupe rear wheel with a horsepower of (HP) 237. As well, the 4C concept has a displacement of 1.7L and an Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 engine. Alfa Romeo 4C is approximated to cost MSRP of £52,265. This beast only requires a perfect proportion and a clean connection to the road. It is the model that takes excitement to a new level for enthusiastic car lovers.

Jaguar F-Type

  • Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type is certainly one of the best sounding vehicles that you could ever purchase. When you allow its sound system to take over entirely, you will most definitely leave people’s mouths wide open. It produces a sound that is sweet to the ears and soul. The two seating coupe costs MSRP £48,830 and has a displacement of 3.0 L. At the same time; Jaguar F-Type has a transmission of 8-Speed A/T and an intercooled supercharger premium unleaded V-6 engine. More to that, this luxurious sports car is known for its high performance and highly innovative car technology. You will want more and more of its lightweight aluminum body, which makes it quite ideal for sporting. As a car lover, you might also want the assurance that a Jaguar F-Type has a perfect poise that helps it to handle all road surfaces.

Ferrari 488

  • Ferrari 488

A Ferrari 488 boasts its tremendous improvement from 458, especially with the sound. A Ferrari 488 has a response time of 0.8 seconds, which is a terrific speed that could lead you into a transcendental state of mind. The model is mid-engined, with a relatively high output and a smaller displacement of 3.9 L. For its specifications, it has a seating of two and a transmission of 7-speed dual-clutch. Talking of the engine, it is intercooled and is twin turbocharged. The designs meant for racing have impressive bodyworks that distinguish them. If you take your time and keenly look at Ferrari, it does not only exude excessive sportiness, but also offers complete comfort to its users. Who would not want go for such a superb sports car regardless of the cost?

In Conclusion

When it comes to auto machines whose sounds will amuse you, it is impossible to exhaust the list. Mentioned above are just some of the cars that feature top in the list. There are several others that you can add now that new models are coming up each dawn. Youi New Zealand who’s in the car is a brand web series launched by the insurance company with Katie Burch. In Youi New Zealand who’s in the car, Burch conducts an interview right in her tiny car and asks all she would wish to know about Sam Burgess, Tom, and George. Other irrefutably great cars include Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S, Porsche Cayman GT4, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, among others. At least with this information, you know the sports car to go for when the need for one arises. Again, you are informed about the effect that posh vehicles have on women’s physiology, which is a tried and tested study that was conducted by Psychologist David Moxon.

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