Rental Car vs Bus to go for a Long Trip

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The New Year holidays have been started and people are packing their bags to leave for a trip because it is absolutely good to go on the most beautiful destination to give a right kick to the New Year. However, some are cancelling their plans because the tour buses are already booked and it is difficult to get a seat there. Are you also going to cancel your plan? Do you think it is good to cancel an exciting plan at the start of the year just because a seat isnt available on the bus? Well, what about the idea of hiring a rental car? You shouldnt miss this great opportunity to go on a long trip in these holidays because the weather is also amazing these days and hiking or dog-sledging can prove a real fun. If you ask from most of the tourists, theyll definitely vote for a rental car because travelling on a bus is just like restricting yourself from fun. More on, you may have to bear higher cost while travelling on the bus whereas the rental car can really prove cost-effective.

Freedom and Comfort

You may have to sacrifice your comfort while travelling on a bus as youll get only one seat there and if you want to lay down, that will be impossible. If you are suffering from a headache, other tourists in the bus will not stay quiet for you rather their chit-chat and gossip can irritate you even more. It is said that travelling on a bus for a long trip is like locking yourself in a cell then it isnt that wrong because you cant even stop the bus to enjoy the mesmerizing view. On the other side, a rental car is undoubtedly a great option because it will not let you sacrifice the freedom and comfort. You are absolutely free to stop the car at a point where the view is breathtaking as sunset behind the mountains looks so splendid that you cant stop yourself from capturing the view on your camera. So, in short, the bus restricts you from so many things that can make a trip more exciting whereas the rental car gives you the freedom to be yourself as you can stop the car to do rest on the back seat whenever you feel tired.

Cost Analysis – Bus vs Car

Come out from the myth that rental car is expensive to hire because you do not consider all the facts. When you choose a bus, some extra expenses will be waiting for you. The rent of hotel room will also be added in the cost where youll also have to pay for hiring a cab to explore further places as bus driver usually reach a specific point and rest of the tasks will be your responsibility. The agencies of premium car hire in London prove best for rental cars because youll have to pay rent only whereas the expenses like repair and maintenance of car will not be added in the bill as agencies do not charge for repairs. More on, if you do not like to stay in the room of the hotel, sleeping on the back seat of the car wont be a bad idea. More on, if you are travelling with a group of friends then cost can be minimised by dividing the total amount of rent among each friend.


Is photography your passion? Well, if you love to capture beautiful scenes then you may have to put your passion on the side while travelling on a bus because it will be impossible for you to capture every mesmerizing view as the driver drives the bus according to a schedule. The rental car wont let you miss any beautiful scene and youll be free to stay at a beautiful place for a long time to capture photos. Are you going with your friends? If so, then you should definitely hire a car because it will be good for you to create memories by capturing more photos with friends.


When you choose a bus to go on a trip, you will have to leave the house almost an hour ago to reach the terminal of the bus because the driver will not pick yours from the doorstep. The schedule set by the tour guide will be vital to follow as you cant change the date and timing. More on, if your fellow tourist behaves a bit odd in the bus, youll have to bear his talks during the whole trip and it can prove really difficult as you may lose the temper and the trip may get spoiled. However, if you choose to hire a car, it will be quite convenient for you to pick your friends from their doorstep and you can leave anytime without making yourself bound to the schedule. More on, there will be one who can spoil your trip as youll be free to move anywhere. You can choose any date to go whichever is more convenient for you as sometimes the workload doesnt let you go on scheduled trips, so the rental car will prove an ultimate solution to all these problems. Besides these benefits, you will not have to strive there for finding a cab as youll have your own vehicle with a fine GPS system.

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