Real Estate Credit Rate At May 2017: Still Favorable Conditions

Real Estate Credit Rate At May 2017: Still Favorable Conditions

After a period of uncertainty, the election of Emmanuel Macron to the Presidency of the Republic has reassured the financial markets. As a result, banks should continue to offer favorable mortgage rates in the coming months.

Future buyers, be assured: after six consecutive months of slow growth, mortgage rates stabilized in early May. Some banks have even reduced their scale. Although this decline is relatively small, it deserves to be noted.

Favorable conditions during the coming months

These favorable conditions should be maintained in the coming months. Various factors contribute to it.

First, the financial markets and investors were reassured by the election of Emmanuel Macron, after fearing a different result. Thus, the rates of government loans (OAT), which constitute the reference rates of mortgage loans banks, have declined significantly.

Second, the European Central Bank, if it raised rates in the coming months, would operate a very gradual increase, to protect an economic recovery still shy. This would help create favorable market conditions for banks.

Finally, the new and growing competition in the bank mortgage market is playing out. The new offers of online banks thus contribute to the maintenance of low interest rates.

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