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It’s been a long time trading, try this strategy that, join trading signals here and there, but still can not enjoy consistent profit? Roughly what is often blocking the success of trading?

As a novice trader, surely the above questions often flashed in the mind. Especially for those who have devoted a lot of capital and time on his trading account. That means you already have an awareness that something is wrong with trading activity.

Why Should We Evaluate Trading Systems?

Just imagine, if you as a beginner, do not have an evaluation report of trading activities using cfd trading. How do I know where the troublesome problem of the trading system that has been used? Predicting it will not be enough, and switching other trading systems is not the right solution.

That is the reason, just like a student or student, a trader also needs a “report” to evaluate their trading performance. The main purpose is to know where the advantages and disadvantages of the trading system.

By identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the trading system, we can get three practical benefits:

Fixed the weak point of the trading system.

Evaluation results can highlight trading execution errors that often occur. For example, we can know at what time or currency pair usually trading positions lose. So we can fix it by avoiding the source of the problem or finding a solution to overcome it.

Knowing on favorable market and pair conditions.

We can also find out on the moments and pairs of any currency, the trading system is able to obtain the best profit to get. The hope, the trading system can consistently repeat its good performance in those specific situations.

Predicted profit target and worst risk.

This point is the most important evaluation result. Each open position, we can already calculate how much risk to bear to achieve the target profit. That way, trading accounts can generate profits consistently, because basically we are ready to bear some loss positions.

In essence, after going through the evaluation process, we have been able to finalize our trading system in order to be able to reproduce profitable trading conditions and prepare scenarios to deal with all kinds of market conditions. Everything is taken into account with careful preparation, before the trading position is opened. So it is with the closure.

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