Enhance Your Content Marketing Using The Cycle

Enhance Your Content Marketing Using The Cycle

If you just started with your content marketing strategy then probably you heard this term from lot of people “content marketing cycle”. There are various of definition available on internet defining what it stands for, how it works etc.

I will describe content marketing cycle as a process which involves everything from starting point to end result of content marketing. If it is followed accurately and implemented right on point then it could provide a profitable business to your company.

Maybe, it seems easy to create successful content but those who are involved in it for quite a long period know how difficult is to create market for the content.

Here is the complete cycle in sequence through which you can enhance the content marketing and gain results :-


This should be your first move whenever you start working on content marketing strategy. You should be aware about the audience persona such as what they like, what are their needs, what are the problems for which they need solution etc. most of the marketers make a mistake of not understanding the audience. This turn out as a miserable fault at the end of the result. Don’t forget to gather personal details of your target audience such as age, sex, education qualification, gender, economic status, needs etc.


Once you are done with the research part start with strategizing about how to produce the content for the same. Now, you are well informed about what you want and how it needs to be created. The question is to whom you are going to hand over the job?. For that there is two options, one outsource the job to some reputed creative writer or allocate in- house team. Research also means whether the graphics, visuals, video are needed for the content or not?. So all you can do is hire the outsource team and provide them with all the valuable information and deadline. Outsourcing will reduce your stress and the hectic of hiring and maintaining team within the office.


Online content is all about adding relevant keywords in a copy so that it can reach the audience for which it is intended to. It means you will add the relevant titles which is defining the content below accurately. This is how you build trust on your audience and increase the ranking on search engines. Adding inappropriate keyword or too much keyword in the content can affect the business negatively. This is the reason why there should be a experienced person behind your content who can bring you the results you expected while creating marketing strategy.

Publishing platforms

Now you have completed your research, written your content and optimized it perfectly. It is time to decide on which platforms it should get published. You need to look for the platforms in which your target audience stay active frequently. Other than your social media pages, website, blogs. Sometimes you also need to distribute the content to areas like youtube, linkedin, ebooks etc. all you have to do is follow the audience.

Track & measure

don’t think even for a second that your job is done the time content got published. You have to track the status of your content such as how much audience it gained, how effectively content got connected with the audience, were it lacked etc. This help you in creating better and more enhanced content next time which hit the right spot of your audience.


When you gain a complete understanding of the online world, you will get to know how important it is to update the content that you written in past. Whenever something new come up for the same topic it becomes your responsibility to update the content frequently. Also, if there is a content that gained so much popularity at one platform then you can reuse that same content on some other after certain period of time.

Google has made it clear that now no more of unnecessary content will get appeared on search engine. It should be well written, well optimized and appropriately organised in order to get appear at front on google. You content marketing should be in the hands of professional who know how to prevent your company from getting spammed as well as generate traffic for the same.  

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