Compare Different Insurance And Death Insurance Offers

Compare Different Insurance And Death Insurance Offers

Before taking out life and provident insurance, it is better to compare the various offers on the market . For this, you can help an insurance comparator ( click here ). This allows you in a few clicks to measure what the different contracts offer. So here are the things you need to look at. Explanations.

Read the guarantees and services offered

When you read a life insurance and provident insurance quote, look carefully at the different guarantees and benefits offered . This will allow you to have insurance tailored to your needs. You must therefore take into account:

  • insured amounts in the event of death
  • the age limits imposed on some guarantees
  • the terms of payment of the annuity or the capital
  • legal protection and / or assistance for the procedure in case of death

The subscription terms differ according to the chosen contract

But it’s not just these things to consider. You can also compare the subscription conditions . For example, if you are looking for life insurance that can pay back important capital to your loved ones when you die, be aware that the conditions of subscription are more scrupulous. And for good reason…

The more you look for a high level of guarantee, the more the subscription conditions are restrictive. Your insurer will respond favorably to your needs if you meet certain conditions.

In other words, the insurer will focus on:

  • estimate the risk you represent. You will need to fill out a detailed health questionnaire, attend a medical check-up, and perhaps do some medical tests.
  • limit the age of the insured person during the subscription.
  • take into account only certain professional categories.

Attention, before signing your contract, read the exclusions of guarantees

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