Automation Markiting Guide For Innovative Enterprise

Automation Markiting Guide For Innovative Enterprise

With the Internet and social networks, the behavior and expectations of the buyer have become more complex, requiring you to thoroughly review your marketing and sales strategy. With this in mind, Marketing Automation is a natural solution.

Introduction: Why switch to Marketing Automation when you are an innovative company?

Internet and social networks have upset the expectations and behaviors of the buyer. The buyer now prefers to conduct his own buying and does not appreciate the commercial solicitations that never fall at the right time.

The buyer follows a 3-step purchasing process, which often lasts several months:

  • He becomes aware that he has a problem to solve (Awareness).
  • He identifies and compares the solutions at his disposal (Consideration).
  • He retains the solution that he considers the most relevant and seeks to validate that he makes the right choice before acting (Decision).

It is only during the last stage of the process that the buyer agrees to get in touch with a sales representative whom he often solicits himself.

In this situation, you need to put in place a marketing and sales strategy that will allow you to attract the buyer’s attention and interest by offering high value-added content that meets his expectations throughout the marketing process. ‘purchase.

But here, as an innovative company, how to attract the attention of a buyer who does not often suspect the existence of your product or service?

This is the problem faced by all our customers: offering an innovative offer gives you a competitive advantage, but to fully exploit it, you have to communicate and search in a clever way to convince a buyer who does not know the existence of a offer or, at best, not perceiving all uses and added value.

To meet this challenge, you must implement a relevant Inbound Marketing strategy whose educational and persuasive content will be the central element .

The goal here is twofold:

  • Attract the buyer’s attention when searching the Internet.
  • Nourish your purchase thinking to bring it to maturity.

To put in place an effective Inbound Marketing strategy that allows you to generate qualified leads and convert them into customers, you will have to use ultra-personalized communications.

At this point, our customers identify two major obstacles:

  • How to determine if a prospect is sufficiently qualified and mature?
  • How to communicate in a personalized way when you do not have the time?

That’s when Marketing Automation makes sense!

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a type of software that allows you to generate leads and convert them into customers through a series of automatic actions.

Concretely, Marketing Automation allows you to generate qualified leads from your website, measure their maturity according to their behavior and send them personalized communications to fuel their thinking of purchase.

One of the goals of Marketing Automation is to save time in allocating it to the treatment of qualified mature prospects who are close to decision-making.

The benefits of Marketing Automation for our customers

✅ Marketing Automation reduces the length of the sales cycle

In B2B, the sales cycle can be spread over several weeks, or even several months. For an innovative company, the sales cycle is generally longer because there is a pedagogy to convince the buyer.

To reduce the length of the sales cycle, you can accompany the buyer in his purchase thinking by offering value-added content answering questions, and even anticipating them.

Marketing Automation, through its Lead Nurturing feature, which we will detail later, allows you to automatically send content to your prospect based on their progress in the purchasing process that we have seen previously.

✅ Marketing Automation to optimize conversion

Today, how much do you manage to generate leads with your website? By doing the Generated Prospects / Visitors ratio, you get your conversion rate.

With a Hubspot-based Marketing Automation solution , you can configure a conversion tunnel based on Call-to-Action, Landing Pages and Smart Forms on your website , which, like merchandising in a business, is a beacon the path to follow for your visitor.

Thus, you significantly improve your conversion rate. We are here the best example: before moving to Marketing Automation at SLN Web, we had a conversion rate of 0.7% on our website. After only 3 months, Marketing Automation allowed us to reach a conversion rate of 2.5%  !

✅ Marketing Automation to build customer loyalty

Because it is always more expensive to convince a new customer than to retain one, it is rational to set up a customer loyalty strategy.

However, I often meet companies that admit that I do not have the time to provide a particular communication for their customers and that the only communication they receive is usually the invoice …! No, no, no?

With Marketing Automation, on the same principle as the Lead Nurturing presented above, you have the ability to automate communication actions for your customers based on the information you have and their behavior.

Marketing Automation allows you to ensure the satisfaction of your customers, increase their life at home but also the average basket amount .

✅ Marketing Automation to measure your ROI

Another great advantage of Marketing Automation: Marketing Automation allows you to manage all your marketing and communication actions under the same tool.

In other words, with Marketing Automation, you will not have to juggle between platforms to manage your website, your social networks, your e-mailings and other digital advertising campaigns.

And who says unique platform says full reporting!

Too often, we meet companies that do not have a clear idea of ​​the return on investment of their marketing actions, and for whom complete reporting is a real obstacle course. With Marketing Automation, measuring your ROI is done in one click  !

Prerequisites: Align Marketing and Sales

In order for your Marketing Automation strategy to be successful, before launching the big maneuvers, you need to bring the Marketing and Sales departments together.

We are regularly called “firefighters” in companies that have invested tens of thousands of euros in a Marketing Automation project but who sees no return on investment.

The failure of a Marketing Automation strategy often comes from the fact that Marketing and Sales do not collaborate together, sometimes causing tensions between the two services.

To generate qualified leads with Marketing Automation, Marketing and Sales must agree on exactly what a qualified prospect is  : what is the typical profile of an ideal prospect? What do you recognize when a prospect is mature?

These two questions will allow you to determine very precisely the strategy to put in place and the way you need to configure your Marketing Automation tool to generate the best prospects.

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