Analyze Your Credit Insurance Needs

Analyze Your Credit Insurance Needs

To be sure to choose the right credit insurance , it is not enough to use a comparator of insurance . While this certainly leads to real savings, you also need to be careful to analyze your needs . Explanations.

What can your credit insurance needs be?

The needs of the borrower (s) vary logically with their number but also with the degree of financial security they receive in the event of death, disability or any other event that may affect their economic potential.

Thus, for the purchase of a property, you may prefer to subscribe to several your mortgage and all be covered by the same insurance borrower . Such a need to share the same credit insurance can arise when one is married , in a couple or a pacsé . This is referred to as an “insurance portion” which usually depends on the income of the borrower (s).

Do not forget that your needs may change!

Because your needs and your personal or professional situation evolve over time, it is strongly recommended to regularly check with your insurer regarding the content of your home loan insurance policy .

Why such vigilance? This has two essential virtues: to allow your insurer to adapt your contract to your new needs and benefit from a cover that really suits your situation .

Take full advantage of the contribution of the Lagarde law

Entry into force on 1 st September 2010, the law Lagarde favors the comparison of insurance.

It allows any subscriber of a real estate credit to play the competition when choosing his credit insurance not compulsory but become the force of practice essential to carry out his real estate project.

From now on, you are completely free to choose to buy your mortgage insurance from your lending bank or to prefer an insurer . A good way to save money.

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