A guide to choose the Best Discount Brokers in India

Discount Broker in India

The world of Stock Brokerage is as difficult as understand rocket science. Every day there are new hacks coming into even more difficult guidelines? Unfortunately, the Stock brokerage industry is stuck at it full-fledged high priced variant. Many say, however, that it is not as tough as it sounds, yet you only don’t know how.

Therefore, to explain you the working of a Stock brokerage market here is a small example.

‘Suppose you visit an automobile showroom with a budget of Rs. 6 Lakhs, but you are tempted with the top end variant, fully-loaded with breathtaking features but worth Rs. 7.5 Lakhs. You were very sure that you didn’t need a power start automatic car when a key could do the same with far less money, or Bluetooth connectivity and the multifunctional steering, but you can’t calm down the temptation. But how about a way through which you could have bought the same top model, perhaps at a price of the base model?’

Well,  Discount Brokers India have more or less, the same functioning where it seems high-end but for a clever broker, it is a matter of few seconds only.

Choosing the appropriate broker is the first step towards building a successful investing career. The difficult part is to find the right broker. Professionals suggest making a list of the facilities you expect from your broker and then approach the one that suits your needs.

To find the right one for yourself, here is a set of guidelines that you need to follow:

  1. A Demat Account

The most basic requirement for stock investment is to have a broking account. It is a myth that broking account is same as that of a banking one. Well, this is where the investment broker will act up to show you the difference between both. The best part is that it will make a significant difference in your profits.

  1. Choose a plan

Do not over-emphasize the commissions that a broker charges. Instead, pay attention to the two plans that every broker offer- one is intra-day traders and the second is for long-term investors.

  1. Review the Broker

Any broker should have a full overview of his past and continuing projects. Therefore, he should put up real testimonials of his clients and you should be able to review them, as well. Many times these comments will give the first-hand experience of another person to make the better decision for you.

  1. What are your investment plans?

The next option is to decide whether you intend to buy or sell mutual funds or Invest. Generally, both these services have different costs. Moreover, not every broker offers both the facilities and hence, you should research well before choosing one of the above-written programs.

Note that; do not choose the programs on the basis of profit alone. Many times, profit and loss is a luck-by-chance situation. Therefore, research well on the statistics of the profits in both.

  1. Excel up your researching

Your research work could be reduced to none, at all if you choose an appropriate broker service. If you are poor at research work, add researching in your facility list from the broker.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to get a broker to satisfy your requirements and produce the wishful profit.

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