3 Reasons Why Group Medical Insurance Is Good For A Company

3 Reasons Why Group Medical Insurance Is Good For A Company

Work is work, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it doesn’t but it’s life. In general it’s defined as an activity of the mind and the body in order to gain or achieve something. Based on the definition it’s anything like exercise, eating, traveling and so on, but the word is used popularly when people are doing their jobs.

But work is life, it’s essential to existence because of the fact that people need money. Money for rent, for food, to help the family, to send the kids to school, to buy stuff, to buy a car, for gas, for trainings, for dates, for travels and so on. Basically, It keeps you out in the streets being homeless. But despite of work being “work”, there are things that people actually like about work. Aside from free coffee, free internet, the swivel chairs, the air conditioner and free prints, there are also benefits like bonuses, perks and not to mention medical insurance.

Insurance at work: The insurance offered at work is called a group medical insurance. This refers to a company insurance that covers the people working in a certain company. Now as they say in insurance, “the bigger the better” in a lot of things. This is because unlike personal insurances, this has a lot of perks that you can’t find in a personal insurance setting or offerings.

It’s way cheaper: There is a set up in group medical insurance where an employee pays the full amount with a discount given by the company, the company pays the half and the company pays the other half or the company shoulders anything. Whatever it is, regardless if an employee shoulders the full amount of half, they will still save a lot because in general, group medical insurances are cheap. But here’s the catch it’s only as good when you’re still employed. If you’re not, then it’s going to be a personal insurance.

It’s a reason for retention: In most countries providing a comprehensive medical insurance coverage for their employees are mandatory. This is the reason why companies get group insurances because they can save costs while still providing great coverage for their employees. For countries that doesn’t require an insurance, this is one of the reasons why people seek for a company that offers it, because they are insured, Some companies even offer certain coverage for the family of the employee.

Group medical insurance for the employees is one of the perks of work. Some countries require it while some doesn’t. If not, people tend to live and find companies that offer insurance for their employees. There are various set up in these group insurance based on a company’s capacity and needs. A company can pay for the insurance completely, pay half or just give their employees a discount. Whatever it is, it’s still better because it’s still way cheaper than the usual personal medical insurance. Cigna offers great group medical insurance Hong Kong and overseas, ask if your company has Cigna as their insurance provider, if not tell your boss about Cigna.

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