What Is Provident Insurance?

Provident Insurance

Provident insurance is a financial solution that complements Health Insurance and health insurance to ensure income during a period of illness or disability . It is an insurance linked to your family and professional life and which guarantees you against the risks of death or Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Temporary Incapacity of Work and Total Permanent Disability. Specially designed to meet all the needs of foresight, this contract offers guarantees to the card: Death death disability, life annuity, education annuity, daily allowances in case of temporary incapacity for work, daily allowances in case of hospitalization,…

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10 Tips To Save On Your Auto And Home Insurance

Save On Your Auto And Home Insurance

1 : Challenge your insurer every year because fidelity pays very infrequently and the best prices are usually reserved for new policyholders This rule is unfortunately true for many products and services, including telephony and television subscription contracts. It is therefore good to go around the market (to get an idea of ​​the prices elsewhere) and to play the competition. Tip 2 : Compare to identify cheaper contracts with equivalent guarantees on the market To have a good vision of the , you have to compare the contracts, and thus identify those that…

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